Find my British Roots is a professional British Genealogy and Family Research service based in the South East of England, with experience of complex and smaller scale research projects and access to research facilities and resources across the UK.  Our aim is to provide you with a range of family research packages and services to meet your specific requirements and to do this in a timely, professional manner whilst ensuring complete confidentiality.



I set up the business after successfully tracing the British side of my own family back to the reign of King George II in the mid 1700s, tracing the roots of a number of friends to before the Regency period (late 18th Century) and a distant family member’s lineage to 1330 when the Plantagenet King Edward III was on the English Throne!  The delighted feedback I received when I presented them all with their trees and other fascinating information; my passion for history, particularly social history, and my academic research and problem solving skills led me to establish Find my British Roots.



Now established, I am receiving testimonials from delighted clients in the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA who have been excited with the research results of their family history and copies of their family trees.  I really look forward to being able to research your Family History and Find your British Roots too.



Frequently Asked Questions  

Q. I live outside the UK. Can you help find my British ancestors?

A. Absolutely!  Provide us with a starting point and as much information as you have and we will do the rest.

Q. What is the difference between an Ancestral Tree and a Family Tree?

A. An ancestral tree is a chart designed to visually depict surname lines and vital dates generation by generation back through time.  A  family tree is a chart designed to visually depict relationships and vital dates about all known members of a family, generation by generation going back through time.  Both tree charts are an excellent way to present the findings of a family history research project.

Q. What does one family line mean?

A. One family line means taking one surname back generation by generation.  For example: your paternal or maternal grandfather or grandmother; his/her father; his father's father and so on through the male line going back through time.

Q. What information do you need from me?

A. We can start with the details from your own birth certificate or the marriage certificate of your parents.  If you don't have this, don't worry, if needed we can obtain one on your behalf.  So that we can provide you with the best possible service, and make effective use of your chosen package budget, it is vital that you provide us with as much detail as possible about the family you want researched, however insignificant it may appear to be.  You may already have information about your parents and grandparents whatever information you have, no matter how small; we want to know about it!  In this way you will prevent us from duplicating information that you already know leaving us free to find out the elements you don't know.  When you select your chosen package we will ask you to complete an online form asking specific questions that we need answers to.

Q. Is the service confidential?

A. Totally!  In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act all research conducted by Find my British Roots is held in the strictest confidence.  We never disclose information obtained to any third party without written instruction from the client.  No credit card, debit card or banking details are collected via this web site.  This information is collected by a third party secure payment service (Paypal).  This ensures you maximum security and confidentiality at all times.

Q. I was adopted; can you still trace my ancestors?

A. In England and Wales, a formal register of adoption has been kept since 1927.  The Children's Act of 1975 allows an adopted person, if over 18, to apply for their original birth certificate.  No one else can do this for them.  The certificate enables research to begin on tracing the birth family.  In Scotland, adoption has been legally recognised since 1930 and information is supplied to the adopted person, if over 17.

Q. What if you cannot find my ancestors?

A. There may be rare occasions when we are unable to trace a person or a family line; success can depend on what information is available, how common a surname is, whether events were registered and whether the records have survived.  We would in this event contact you to discuss how or whether you would like us to proceed.  Should you decide not to proceed, a pro rata refund would be calculated based on the research already completed.

Q. What sources will you use to trace my ancestors?

A. We use many sources on the internet and those that only tend to be available in national and county record offices or other specialist archives.  This list is not exhaustive, sources and records we examine in searching for your ancestors may include:

  • Birth, marriage and death indexes
  • Census records
  • Parish registers
  • Nonconformist registers (e.g. Methodists, Quakers, Catholic, etc)
  • Trade and other professional directories
  • Wills and other probate records and indexes
  • Electoral registers
  • Quarter sessions and ecclesiastical court records
  • Parish poor law records and workhouse registers
  • Maps (e.g. tithe maps, enclosure awards)
  • Passenger lists and naturalisation records
  • Military records
  • Local and national newspaper archives
Q. How can I be sure that you have researched the right family?

A. We endeavour to cross reference all evidence found during our research and provide you with source references and where applicable copies of relevant documents.  We will specify when only one source is available for a piece of information and indicate the probability of fact using terms such as "in all probability…" or "it is reasonable to presume that…", "possibly…".

Q. How long will the research take?

A. We aim to complete the research for our Bronze Package within 4 - 6 weeks; for our Silver Package 4 - 8 weeks (depending upon the complexity); for our Gold Package 6 - 12 weeks (depending upon the complexity); and for our Platinum Bespoke a project plan will be drawn up and agreed at the start of the project.

Q. Why are the Ancestral and Family Trees in PDF format?

A. We create the trees in PDF format in order that you can arrange for your tree to be printed if you so wish.  PDF is a format that most commercial printers use as it allows them to accurately reproduce the file and enlarge it if required.

Q. I would like to have birth and marriage certificates for all my direct ancestors that you find, how many do I need to order?

A. In England and Wales civil registration of births marriages and deaths began in 1837 and in Scotland in 1855.  If we calculate a generation at 25 years, then the following applies:  Bronze Package - up to two birth certificates included with this package.  It is anticipated that we could locate up to four additional birth certificates.  Silver Package - up to four birth or marriage certificates included with this package.  It is anticipated that we could locate up to eight additional birth certificates and up to six additional marriage certificates.  Gold Package - up to eight birth or marriage certificates included with this package. It is anticipated that we could locate in the region of 32 additional birth certificates and up to 16 additional marriage certificates.  Platinum Bespoke - the number of certificates will depend upon the scope of the project.  Additional certificates can be ordered in any number and at any time after the research has been completed.

Q. Why are death certificates not included in the packages?

A. The information contained on death certificates, whilst interesting from a family history perspective, rarely adds little more to the research data.  Death certificates can be ordered in addition to the certificates included in the research packages. 


Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the UK Data Protection Act all research conducted by Find my British Roots is held in the strictest confidence.  We never disclose information obtained to any third party without written instruction from the client.


Upon receipt of your research package order or written confirmation of your research requirements (made via our contact form or by email) your information will be reviewed and an invoice sent for payment using either Paypal or by Domestic or International Money Order.


All research is payable in advance.  Research will commence when payment has been confirmed.  We carry out an initial search based on the information that you provide and from this we can assess the likelihood of success.  If the research cannot proceed to the extent originally anticipated, the reasons for this will be explained to you and any fees will be reduced pro-rata and refunded to you. 


For our Platinum Bespoke package and for specific small scale research projects, a minimum commissioning fee of £95 applies, this covers a first stage investigation.**  Once scoped, if applicable, a project plan with staged costings will be submitted for your approval before research proceeds further.


Additional certificates are payable in advance via Paypal or Domestic and International Money Order.  Should we, for whatever reason, be unable to locate a certificate the prepaid fee will be refunded to you less a £5 research administration charge.


All fees are quoted and invoices are raised in Pounds Sterling; however, we accept payments in a variety of currencies via Paypal or Domestic and International Money Orders who will use a retail exchange rate to convert payments made in other currencies. No credit card, debit card or banking details are collected via this web site.  If applicable, this information is collected by a third party secure payment service (Paypal).  This ensures you maximum security and confidentiality at all times.


Our professional research will be conducted as far as possible from original source material and copies of original documents will be included with the research report if applicable.  If this is not possible due to copyright, a full and accurate transcription will be made.  All source material will be cited in the report.  Ambiguous results will be communicated to you and they will not be cited as a fact in the report they will be indicated with the use of phrases such as "in all probability", "it is reasonable to presume that…" or "possibly".


 ** Often in small scale  research, for example, navigating around or knocking down a "brick wall" in your own research, investigating a particular person or event or tracing additional source material to substantiate a fact, this can be completed in a short time scale, the first stage investigation, and no further project planning is required. 




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