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Find my British Roots unlocks the past to bring your family tree to life 

Most of us know little about our ancestry beyond our parents or perhaps, grandparents.  Delving back further into family history and records is a daunting task; where do you start?

If you have British roots then Find my British Roots research these vital records for you, providing you with documentary evidence and referenced information about your own fascinating family history together with an Ancestral or Family Tree to keep, to share with other family members and to pass on to future generations. 

Contact us for a FREE, no obligation; initial consultation to begin your intriguing journey.


Discovering your family history with Find my British Roots will give you a special insight into how your British ancestors lived.  Where were they born?  Where did they live at various stages of their lives?  How did they earn their living?  Who did they marry, when and whereHow many children did they have?  Do you have an ancestor who was famous or a hero or did remarkable things?  Do your ancestors have a connection in some way to significant people or events in British history?


Find my British Roots offers a range of research packages Cobolt - Bronze - Silver - Gold or Platinum Bespoke for you to choose from; you decide how many family lines you want us to trace at each stage, provide us with a starting point and we do the rest for you.  

Genealogy Troubleshooting

Already researching your family's history and have hit a "brick wall"; or trying to locate and order a certificate; want an individual ancestor or event investigated; or would like an assessment to verify the accuracy of your own research?  Contact us for a FREE, no obligation, initial consultation to find out how we can tailor a research package to meet your specific requirements.

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"What an awesome job you have done, I can't thank you enough. Thank you for all your help, it was done in a very professional way and I thank you for that."

Mrs J.P - Australia 

"I thank you for all the work you put into the research you have done, it's amazing what can be done these days transporting documents around the world quickly and clearly in minutes."

R.W - Canada

"Angela, many many thanks for all your effort I am well pleased with the results and would recommend your services to anyone."

Mr D.P - Sussex UK

"Thank you for tracing my family tree and going back nearly 300 years, what a lot of work you did for me!  Well done. I will be in touch to ask you to do my father side once I have digested mum's side."

Mrs J.F - Surrey UK  

"I have received a fantastic service from Angela at Find my British RootsMy Mum was adopted at a young age; she knew her Dad had died while away at war and that her Mum had also passed away but she never knew anything else about their families.  Angela collated all the information that we had and then went off to investigate.

What Angela found out and the way she set the findings out where really great.  I took the paperwork with me when I went to visit my Mum and Dad in Australia.  My Mum has decided not to contact the live relatives that Angela located but she was so touched by the detail and a feeling of belonging that she has had it framed.  Thank you."

Michele L - Manchester UK

"I want to thank Angela for the professional and courteous way in which she approached my request.  A quote with a time line was given within hours of my request and these were at all times adhered to. The follow up after a RETURN TO SENDER was unexpected and the parcel was immediately dispatched a second time at no extra cost to me.  I will definitely use Angela's services again."

Craig - South Africa

"After doing a tremendous job on my father's side of my family, I had Angela trace my mother's side of the family.  With just as great and satisfying results as before, she found family members that no one even knew existed.  Angela does a great job not only finding your past but, also bringing these people alive and giving  you a sense of pride in your ancestors."  

Mr K F - Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

"I am indebted to Angela for her knowledge and skills, with the few details I gave her she worked wonders.  Living in Australia, the tyranny of distance is reduced with access to research services such as this, when you need to walk through the front door and you can't.  I recommend Angela for her professionalism that can bring life from the past to enrich the present."

Ms M. W - Perth, Western Australia

"Angela's thorough research into one line of my family tree successfully unearthed information that helped to solve a lot of the puzzles that I had struggled with for decades. Throughout her research process she regularly sent me updates and the final presentation of the results was so clear and so professional that it was a joy to read through. It was all done within the agreed time frame and for the agreed fee and so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and her company, Find My British Roots, to others."

Mrs E. McG - Oxted, Surrey

"After years trying to find my English side of the family, with very little luck, Angela found them in just a short period of time and brought them to life.  I am thrilled beyond words to describe how I feel about all the work Angela has done.  I would highly recommend to anybody out there trying to trace their British side of their family to go to "Find my British Roots", you won't be disappointed.  Keep up the good work."  

Mr K F - Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

"A very professional service which gave me an insight into my family's past.   Thanks"

Brian - Shropshire UK

"I was thrilled with the information that Find my British Roots found out and would highly recommend your service"

L R - London UK 

"I had tried to find my family tree and failed! 'Find my British Roots' rapidly found my ancestors and corrected some of my assumptions about my family tree.  Based on my experience and the amount of research that I found was required, this service offers excellent value for money." 

Mrs M -  Reigate, Surrey

"I spent many, many hours trying to research my family history and wasted a lot of time and money in the process. I took the bespoke package and was blown away by what I received. If you value your time and sanity, get Find my British Roots to work for you"

D.C. Boston MA USA


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